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I wanted to test my newly developed front end web development skills by creating my own website from start to finish and use web analytics to develop and build on my site over time.

As a designer I noticed that I used a lot of online creative resources from around the web to assist me during the day, from paper sizes to useful html code. So I decided to create a website that would bring all these links together into one resource hub that act as a creative platform for creatives in a range of fields.

Target audience

As the audience I was aiming at were people like myself I would be aiming at creating a website I would want to use myself on a regular basis. I knew that as my target audience would be predominantly creatives I would need to make the website look as professional as possible to gain their respect and trust in order to get them to use and return to my website.


As I would be creating the front end web development for the project I needed to keep in mind the extent of my coding skills to make the final design an achievable outcome. I wanted the layout to put all the focus on the featured resources of each creative field whilst allowing for easy navigation between the different fields.


The overall design of the website would need to be professional, if possible creatively inspiring. I decided to take a clean design route, all unnecessarily elements removed or hidden behind interactive activations (hovering over resources revealing descriptions) and using a mixture of flat UI and photograph imagery I created a website design that would engage well with creative users.


I created all the coding for the website using HTML and CSS. The website is fully responsive, tested on a range of tablets and mobiles. And currently being tested and debugged for most popular browsers.

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