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A global client in the FMCG sector wanted to create an inspiring and informative online hub for their marketing task forces around the world.

It needed to act as a reliable and easily accessible resource on different aspects of their marketing. To ensure this project was a success, the hub had to be engaging, easy to navigate and most importantly, useful!

User Behaviour

We identified that the target audience was constantly busy, but always had their smartphones at hand to keep up to date with emails and news, so that we decided to design a mobile-focussed hub. This allowed us to create an experience that would encourage marketers to access and absorb the information they needed when they were travelling or taking a break.

Some of the content has been replaced with Lorem Ipsum, and client branding has been removed to protect sensitive client information.

My brief

My role in the project was to design the look of the website, how its user journey might work, and developing its user interface. I wanted to make it as visual as possible, due to the fact that the marketers using the website would not necessarily have english as their first language. I would also be animating the individual videos that would populate the website.


Due to the large amount of information to be stored on the website I planned to use a set of concertina style drop down menu's. This would break up the information into specific groups so that the marketers would be able to easily find the information they were after.


I created an isometric world to help illustrate the different media channels and where they fit into modern society in a playful and engaging way.

Isometric design process

The client's brand colours paired with the isometric theme create a fun and engaging website, whilst the layout and interactivity give an app-like feel.

Concertina dropdown menu


To help encourage users to view the website on their mobiles the desktop version has no extra features.


As well as having information available in text form, the client also wanted to use videos at each section to help illustrate the theory and tools, in an engaging way.

My role

I was part of a team of three that worked on animating the six videos with a total combined length of around 40 minutes. Using assets we'd previously created for the website and Channel Guide combined with a few new ones I helped bring our isometric world to life using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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