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The client wanted to create an online hub for their marketing graduates to help them bridge the gap between finishing university and a full time job as a marketer. The hub would act as a resource for the graduates to download information, tools and templates.

User Behaviour

The hub would need to balance the two different types of user, a new user and an established user. We wanted the hub to be easy to use and navigate for first time users yet convenient and quick to access for regular users. Our target audience would also be regular users of mobiles and tablets so a responsive design would be a must.

My brief

My role in the project was to design the look of the website and develop its user interface, and assist with the site architecture to help create a website that provides a great user experience.

Some of the content has been replaced with Lorem Ipsum, and client branding has been removed to protect sensitive client information!


The information within the hub would be split into eight capability sections, so we decided that these would feature prominently on the home page for both desktop and mobile.This would allow frequent users to jump straight to their desired section.


The design uses the core client brand colours to clearly establish and identify the eight sections to create a clear and easy user experience for the young marketers. I wanted them to be able to easily find the information they were after and keep them coming back to use the hub as an everyday resource to aid them in their marketing careers.


I wanted the mobile and tablet experience to be as easy to use as the desktop version. All the same content and features would be available, just ordered into a hierarchy that allowed the most important and most used features to appear towards the top of the page. Documents and templates could be emailed to the users inbox rather than downloaded, meaning they could use it on the go and access files they'd require when next on their computer.

The resources page would be grouped into featured, latest, recommended and favourite resources, which could be filtered using the tabs at the top of the page. They could also see the progression they had made through specific topics and view what's next.