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As a big boxing fan and keen boxer myself I decided to help my local boxing club by developing their branding and online presence. For some the club is a place to train to keep fit and for others it's a place to seriously train for an amateur boxing fight. My branding and design would have to cater for both.

Current branding

The current branding does the job but was quite basic, and their online presence is currently just a facebook page with limited design.

Shrewsbury Fighting Fit origional logo


I looked at logos for both hardcore boxing clubs and gym fitness classes and took inspiration from both to create a logo that would sit between the two and appeal to both. I wanted to create something that members would be proud to share on social media and boost the clubs reputation.

Logo development
Logo elements


The main appeal of the boxing club is the excellent teachers, inspiring gym and great community. Photography would be key in getting this across to potential members. I took all the photography using a Canon 600D, and enjoyed the challenge of catching the super quick movements at quite a low light.

Wireframes & grids

There would not be a whole lot of information needed to get across so I decide to go for a single scrolling page website, allowing the design to really transform the clubs image to a high professional standard.

Logo development


The main piece of information that I wanted to get across was the different sessions that the club provides so these would take prominent place below the opening cover page. The colour scheme would be limited to the three core colours used to allow the photography and main information stand out.

The website design works responsively across mobile and tablet with the minimal text and flexable layout helping make the most of the smaller displays.

Logo development